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About Us


In 1994 it was decided that the joint Big Rock and Sugar Grove Park District should separate into two groups. Sugar Grove was growing at a much faster rate than us and most of our tax dollars were ending up in programs there. This took almost two years to complete because we needed signatures from over 80% of the land owners within the Township limits. This was, as we were told, the largest disconnection ever accomplished by a park district in the state of Illinois. After this was complete, we were able to petition the voters in the Big Rock Township in a yes or no vote, if they would like to see our own district formed. With a yes vote at this stage The Big Rock Park District was formed in 1996.
The Big Rock Park District currently serves 2,200 residents and approximately 750 residental homes. The founding commisioners where Bonnie Warchol, David Irelbeck, Dean Hummell, Gene Nehring, and Thomas Ludwig. We functioned the first two years with no revenue awaiting our first tax draw. This time was spent putting the structure of the organization togather. In 1998 we recieved our first tax money. At this point we started taking on the youth baseball and basketball programs that had been operating for many years on their own. This combined two groups into one and made the programs more cost effective.
We are working on new programs and events all the time. Some of these are the Halloween fest, Jr. & Sr. golf outings, and soccer. If you have ideas or would like to participate in other programs please let us know.

Goals and Purpose

Our goal in the community is to provide a a quality well kept park for residents to enjoy.
Our purpose is to offer quality classes, programs, and events for recreation and personal growth to all the residents within our district.